August 2021

Power outage, Wednesday 25th of August, 9am to 5pm

Our local electricity supply company advised us that electricity supply will be cut to our area to upgrade the electricity infrastructure between 9am and 5pm on Wednesday August 25th, local Sydney time.

Please note that the power outage will not have impact on the Total Recall VR Cloud services and recorders. All cloud recorders will continue to operate. However, ...

June 2021

RAID disk and disk replica option for LinX Neos

We are delighted to announce that our bestselling desktop appliance, the Total Recall VR LinX Neos, can now ships with a RAID disk option or a disk replica option.

We will continue to manufacture the LinX Neos in its current compact, stand-alone and industrial grade enclosure, however it is now possible to order it with either a RAID disk option or a disk replica option. Both options are designed to further improve the reliability and fault tolerance of the Linx Neos thus making it a more attractive call recording and audio logging solution for mission critical projects.

May 2021

April 2021

March 2021

LinX Omnia – EoL announced

With mixed feelings we are announcing the end of the line (EoL) for the LinX Omnia effective as of March 26th 2021.

The Total Recall VR LinX Omnia has been our flagship high capacity analogue, ISDN and IP recording appliance since 2008. The product in all of its reincarnations span 2 generations of hardware and software technologies. However, with the demise of ISDN around the world and improvements in processing power that is now available to our other products, in particular the LinX Altus, the LinX Omnia is no longer a preferred option for new projects.

January 2021

December 2020

Dear Total Recall VR customers and partners, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Dear Total Recall VR partners, ‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You’ for choosing and supporting Total Recall VR products and applications during what can only be described as a confusing and very difficult 2020. On behalf of the Total Recall VR team and the wider Prolancer team we wanted you to know that everyone that is part of both teams truly appreciate your support during what was the most difficult year for us and probably most of you.

November 2020

2020/2021 holiday season Total Recall VR factory closing times

After what can only be described as a tumultuous year all Total Recall VR teams will take a short break during the 2020/2021 holidays period in Australia.

We will take a break from the 24th of December 2020 to the 4th of January 2021 (both dates inclusive).

As before, the last day that we will process an order is 3 working days before the start date of the closing period. The last day that we will ship an order is 1 working day before the start date of the closing period. If unsure, please contact us.

October 2020

12,000 LinX Altus units manufactured!!!

We are celebrating the manufacturing milestone of 12,000 (12,017 to be exact as of Friday 02/10) manufactured units of our most popular product, the LinX Altus. A LinX Altus, or one of its previous reincarnations, can be found in 63 countries around the world where each may be recording 2-way radios, telephones, intercoms, microphones and even air-traffic control communication.