Total Recall VR Connector

Total Recall VR Connector

Total Recall VR Connector is a Windows™ service designed to simplify the integration of Total Recall VR systems with other business systems where one or multiple Total Recall VR system are used as audio capture devices to create recordings that are subsequently consumed by other business systems or their users in near real-time and continuously.

The service is suitable for scenarios where business systems wish to consume recordings in common audio formats (mp3, wav, etc.) and optionally metadata about the recordings in XML and CSV formats in near real-time and continuously.

The service downloads recordings from one or multiple Total Recall VR systems in near real-time (as they complete) and continuously and then delivers the recordings, and optionally the metadata for the recordings, to other business systems in a user specified format.

A GUI application accompanies the service and provides for configuration and control of the service.

In summary, the service offers:

  • Continuous near real-time fetching (downloading) of recordings, in their native format, from one or multiple Total Recall VR systems.
  • Export of recordings from the native format to a number of popular audio file formats such as the mp3 and wav formats.
  • Export or recording metadata to CSV and XML format.
  • Export of recordings and metadata to the CallMiner Eureka speech analytics platform and applications.
  • Delivery of recordings in native or exported format to remote systems via e-mail.
  • Automatic removal of downloaded and/or exported recordings.


Total Recall VR Connector is a Java™ application that is designed to run on a PC with the Windows™ 7, 8 or 10 or a server with Windows™ Server 2010 or 2012 operating system. The application depends on a number of mandatory and optional 3rd party applications, libraries and drivers to run. For full details please see the User Guide for the application.


Total Recall VR Connector is a licensed application and requires a valid Activation License to run.

Each Activation License activates one application only, is node-locked and not transferable. That is, each Activation License activates one instance of the application on one PC and cannot be used to activate a different application on the same PC, or the same, or different, application on another PC. If you retire a PC with an Activation License for an application, and wish to use the same application on a new PC, then you need to purchase a new Activation License for the application for the new PC. For full details see the full text of the software license.

You can purchase an Activation License now - cost AU$1500.00. For volume licensing please contact us.

NOTE: See the User Guide for the application for compatibility with your Total Recall VR system before purchasing.

If you wish to trial the application for 10 days free of charge then:

  1. Download and install the application on your PC.
  2. Activate the trial when you run the application for the first time.

Note that the application will automatically stop working at the end of the free trial period. You can request one 10 day free trial period per PC.