Total Recall VR is committed to providing cost effective voice logging products with the highest standards of reliability and functionality. As a result, we update our product line from time to time.

16/05/2017: LinX R320

Total Recall VR LinX R320 has been our premium server-based high-capacity IP recording solution for some years. The manufacturer of the server has announced the end of availability for this model, and as such we are announcing the end of line for this model effective immediately.

03/05/2017: LinX Evolution

Total Recall VR LinX Evolution has been the go-to option for server-based IP and ISDN communications recording for many years, however this technology platform has been superseded and as such we are announcing the end of line for LinX Evolution as from June 30th 2017.

  • Replacement model: none
  • Latest release: 10.15.0
  • End of support date: tba

03/01/2016: Classic Desktop and Classic Rack

Total Recall VR Classic Rack and Classic Desktop have been the most popular models that we have been manufacturing since 2004. The product line spans 3 generations of hardware and software technologies. So it is with great sadness that we announce the end of line for both the Classic Rack and Desktop models as from March 30th 2016.

  • Replacement model: LinX Altus and LinX Neos
  • Latest release:
    • For systems with 4.x release: 4.60
    • For systems with 8.x.y release: 8.6.0
    • For systems with 9.x.y release: 9.20.0
  • End of support date:
    • For systems with 4.x release: 1st of December, 2012
    • For systems with the 8.x.y release: 1st of December 2014
    • For systems with the 9.x.y release: 1st of December 2018