What is Total Recall VR?

Total Recall VR is an affordable, reliable and feature rich audio logging and call recording solution. Enterprises and governments worldwide use it to log and create electronic records of many forms of audio communication including telephone, 2-way radio, broadcast radio, public address, intercoms, microphones and much more.

Why Total Recall VR?

Total Recall VR recorders are enterprise and carrier grade audio logging and call recording appliances, virtual machines and cloud-hosted plan that are based on innovative combination of in-house, commercial and free-to-use technologies. All products are backed by the talent and enthusiasm of the Prolancer team of great application, systems and product engineers and a reseller network that spans many countries worldwide.

Purchase a Total Recall VR

With reseller partners in many countries worldwide, it is easy to find one near you to discuss your audio logging and call recording needs. In the unusual event that we don't have a reseller partner near you, then you can always contact us directly.

Choice of Recording

Total Recall VR can record different types of communication devices via its analogue, digital and IP recording interfaces in hybrid mode (one, or all of the following at the same time):



Record analogue, ISDN (E1/T1, Q.931) and IP (SIP, SIPrec, Cisco™ Built in Bridge (BiB), H.323 ...) telephones.

2-way Radio

2-way Radios

Record analogue, RoIP, DMR, P25, NXDN radios and consoles (RoIP, Omnitronics™ RoIP, Tait™ VRP, Hytera™ HDAP, Zetron™ RoIP ...).



Record analogue and IP (AoIP, SIP, SIPrec, RTSP ...) intercoms and emergency help points.

Broadcast Radio

Broadcast Radio

Record analogue and IP (RoIP, SIP, RTSP...) public broadcast radio.

Public Address

Public Address

Record analogue and IP (AoIP, SIP, SIPrec, RTSP ...) public address and announcement systems.

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Record analogue and IP (ED-137, VoIP, RTSP ...) air traffic management (ATM) and control (ATC) systems.

Choice of Products

All recorders in the range of Total Recall VR products include all software features, 2 years warranty and the same exceptional customer service and support. All you need to do is decide on the type and number of recording channels and hardware redundancy options.

Alternatively, if you prefer a Total Recall VR that runs on a hardware platform of your choice, then send us the hardware specification and we will build a Total Recall VR based on it and our latest LinX technology. You can supply the hardware to us, or we can source it for you.

Finally, if you prefer a hosted cloud-based recording solution, then why not consider one of our Total Recall VR Cloud plans.

Total Recall VR Cloud

Choice of PC Applications

A full range of Total Recall VR PC applications are available to add value to and improve your experience with your Total Recall VR recorder. Integration with business systems and other voice processing platforms is also a breeze with generic Total Recall VR connector PC applications.

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02 Apr

Double time free Total Recall VR training

Twiddling your thumbs and wondering how to best use your time while in lock-down?

We are doubling our free Total Recall VR on-line remote training time budget during the months of April, May and June 2020 for Total Recall VR end users and resellers. That is 30 hours of free training time each month, any group size, any topic. Why don’t you book some time this month?

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22 Feb

The “Total Recall VR is 20 in 2020” celebration continues!!!

This February in 2020 we continue our celebration of 20 years and 4 generations of the all Australian designed and made Total Recall VR audio logging and call recording products.

While it all started in 2000 with the first award winning Total Recall VR Desktop unit, we quickly found ourselves between a rock and a hard place when IBM announced that OS/2 is not going to ‘warp’ any more after 2002. So we made the brave move to Linux and even braver move to Java (Java for real-time!? You have to be crazy we hear you say. Well we said it was brave). And the 2nd generation of award winning Total Recall VR Desktop started rolling off the production line.

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26 Jan

Total Recall VR is 20 in 2020!!!

This Australia day in 2020 we are delighted to start celebrating 20 years and 4 generations of the all Australian designed and made Total Recall VR products.

It all started April 2000 when the first award winning Total Recall VR Desktop unit was born in Australia and very quickly departed for South Africa to start its service. It was the days when OS/2 warped, 32bit was way more than 8bit, GUIs were TUIs, you had to know who is the ‘master’ and who is the ‘slave’, 7.9Kbs compression was needed to put more than 1000 hours of audio on the largest capacity hard disk that money could buy and writing a CD-R took more than 40 minutes.

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