The software on this page is can be used with the following Total Recall VR models that already run an Infinity 20.x.y release:


What is included in the latest 20.x.y release?

Please see the Release Notes for the latest release. Alternatively, visit the Forum for a complete set of release notes.

Can I upgrade my LinX product with release 11.x.y, or earlier to the latest 20.x.y release?

No, it is not possible to upgrade LinX products with an 11.x.y to an Infinity 20.x.y release.

You can find upgrade packages for systems with the 11.x.y release on the LinX II Releases page. Upgrade packages for systems with a release prior to 11.x.y may be available on the LinX Releases, Max Releases and the Older Releases page.

Do you support systems with the 20.x.y release?

Yes, the 20.x.y release is the current release. End of support date will be announced in the future.

Latest Infinity Release - 20.2.0 - Release date 20th of December 2021

User interface appliactions:

  • Infinity Cockpit for Windows devices - ZIP file (291Mb) that contains a Windows installer (EXE) package.

Virtual machine (VM) appliance OVF packages:

Custom recorder and archive nodes:

  • DNF repo files - ZIP file (772 bytes) that contains DNF repo files for the Total Recall VR DNF repository.


User Guides Release
Release Date TRVR Release
Total Recall VR Infinity Overview 1.0 December 2021 20.2.0
Total Recall VR Cockpit 1.0 December 2021 20.2.0
Quick Start Guides      
Total Recall VR Infinity VSX Quick Start Guide 1.0 December 2021 20.2.0
Total Recall VR Infinity ESX Quick Start Guide 1.0 December 2021 20.2.0
Total Recall VR Infnity CSX Quick Start Guide 1.0 December 2021 20.2.0
One Page Guides    
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