If you are looking for a release of Remote Manager that does not appear on this page, then please contact us with the details of the release and we will make it avaliable to download on this page.

Note that Remote Manager is NOT available for recorders with appliaction (firmware) release 11.x.y.

Supported Releases

Each download package is a ZIP file (around 25Mb) which contains binary installation files.

If your recorder is running application (firmware) version 6.x.y, 7.x.y, 8.x.y, 9.x.y or 10.x.y, then download the version of Remote Manager with matching release number. For example, if your recorder is running application (firmware) version 9.6.0, then download Remote Manager release 9.6.0.

ZIP packages:

Unsupported Releases

Warning! The files in this section are provided on as-is basis.

If your system is running application version 4.x, then use the following table to determine which release of Remote Manager to download for your system:

Total Recall VR Application Version Remote Manager Release
v4.11 v1.15
v4.13 v1.15
v4.14 v1.15
v4.20 v1.17
v4.23 v1.20
v4.25 v1.20
v4.28 v1.24
v4.33 v1.28
v4.55 v1.55
v4.56 v1.56
v4.59 v1.59
v4.59.1 v1.59.1
v4.60 v1.60

You may have to follow the instructions in the following support note to install Remote Manager 1.60 on a machine with Windows 7, 8 or 10: