11.11.0 Firmware and 18.0.0 PC applications go GA!

We are delighted to announce the general availability of a the latest release 11.11.0 firmware and 18.0.0 PC applications for Total Recall VR recorders which include support for RTP over independent TCP when recording in ED-137/4B and ED-137/4C networks and a new processor module upgrade option for the LinX Altus.

Thanks to the continued work on our generation 5 technology we are able to introduce the following new features in this release:

  • The RTSP Media Server now has full support Eurocae ED-137/4B and ED-137/4C. We added support for RTP over independent TCP which was the last missing mandatory requirement in ED-137/4C. Support for RTP over independent TCP in ED-137/4B is optional, however the RTSP Media Server supports RTP over independent TCP for ED-137/4B sessions as well.
  • The LinX Altus product now has a processor module upgrade option which when included allows the Altus to record on up to 90 IP channels and 72 analogue channels at the same time. The standard processor module is rated for up to 30 IP and 72 analogue channels.

In addition to the new features, the following technologies were updated:

  • Time zone data 2021a

Finally, the following defects were removed:

  • All on-board archivers (disc, USB and network) now publish an “archive full” event if they detect that the archive disk is full or becomes full during archive.
  • The SIP server correctly parses SDPs with t38 media description and log a message that the fax call will not be recorded in the logs instead of logging an exception.
  • The Korean language for the Embedded GUI was reviewed and updated.
  • The DSP board detection routines no longer search for ISA based DSP boards which reduces the time to detect DSP boards.
  • SIP messages that are larger than 2048 bytes (in total) are now supported and parsed correctly.
  • NPEs when parsing RTSP SET_PARAMETER and PAUSE messages were removed.