LinX Omnia – EoL announced

With mixed feelings we are announcing the end of the line (EoL) for the LinX Omnia effective as of March 26th 2021.

The Total Recall VR LinX Omnia has been our flagship high capacity analogue, ISDN and IP recording appliance since 2008. The product in all of its reincarnations span 2 generations of hardware and software technologies. However, with the demise of ISDN around the world and improvements in processing power that is now available to our other products, in particular the LinX Altus, the LinX Omnia is no longer a preferred option for new projects.

We do not have plans to manufacture new batches of Omnia units to keep stock ready to ship once the current stock of Omnia units is sold. Instead, we may agree to manufacture the Omnia to order for orders of a minimum quantity of 10 Omnia units with analogue and/or IP channels. We will no longer manufacture Omnia units with ISDN channels.

At the same time we are announcing a new CPU upgrade option for the LinX Altus. A LinX Altus that is fitted with this option will be able to record on up to 90 IP and 72 analogue channels at the same time. This makes the LinX Altus, when fitted with the new CPU upgrade option, the RAID disk option and the dual power supply option, a potential replacement for the LinX Omnia for existing and future projects.