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What USB disks can I use for archiving?

Total Recall VR can create searchable archives on a USB key or disk drive.

The USB key or disk drive must be formatted with a FAT32 file system.This is usually the case with USB keys, however USB disk drives use other file formats such as NTFS and must be reformatted to FAT32 before they can be used as a Total Recall VR USB disk archive.

When re-formating a USB key or drive please select "Default Allocation Size" for "Allocation Unit Size" in the Windows Format dialog. This ensures maximum portability.

Finally, please use USB keys and drives from reputable manufacturers. We use USB keys from Toshiba, Lexar and Hitachi when testing. We have had a number of reports that some unknown brand USB keys do not work as Total Recall VR cannot recognise the file system format on them even when formated with FAT32.