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Version 11.8.0 - Release date 26th of March 2019

The 11.8.0 release is major release of the Total Recall VR LinX II technology.

Thanks to the continued work on our generation 5 technology we are able to introduce the following new features in this release:

  • The SIP Media Server has full support for recording Zetron Acom command and control systems and Zetron MAX dispatch and alerting console systems.
  • Real-time replication of recordings and metadata to a removable hard disk. Replication is similar to archiving in that it creates an archive. However, the major difference from archiving is that replication happens continuously and in real time and it uses hard disk media which can be removed. The “replicator” option is now available for the LinX Altus product and may be introduced as an option for other Total Recall VR products in the future.
  • Archiving to NTFS formatted USB keys. However, note that we recommend that you continue to prefer and use FAT32 formatted USB keys as there is a considerable time penalty when archiving to NTFS formatted USB keys. For example, our standard test that archives around 600MB of audio that is spread across 3000-odd files (recordings) takes between 4 and 5 minutes to complete when using FAT32 formatted USB key. The same test takes between 19 and 20 minutes to complete when using NTFS formatted USB key.
  • The passive IP collector is now capable of recording SIP calls on networks where SIP over UDP traffic may be segmented by the IP layer. The issue is documented here: http://www.totalrecallvr.com/node/261. Of course, it is no longer an issue as of release 11.8.0.
  • The passive IP collector is now capable of recording SIP calls on networks that use SIP over TCP.

In addition to the new features, the following technologies were updated:

  • Java 8 build 202
  • License4J 4.7.2
  • ObjectDB 2.7.6_04
  • Time zone data 2018i

Finally, the following defects were removed:

  • The quiet extension events are now silenced correctly in scenarios where rapid recording start/stop events occur on the extension.
  • The USB archiver now sets the A (archived) flag on recordings that are already in the USB archive when re-archiving the same recordings.
  • The (CD/DVD/BD) disc archiver code was rewritten in an attempt to resolve an elusive issue which in some (yet to be determined) cases caused the archiver to endlessly keep archiving recordings.
  • All log messages from generation 5 components are now correctly logged in the application log.
  • USB archives no longer remain mounted after replaying recordings.
  • Updates of batches of more than 10,000 records from PC applications now work as expected instead of just updating the first 10,000 records.