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Version 11.1.0 - Release date 10th May 2017

The 11.1.0 release is the first release of the Total Recall VR LinX II technology.

The 11.1.0 is basically the same as the 10.14.0 release, however it is based on the latest Total Recall VR operating system (TRVROS) which is now based on the CentOS 6.9 release.

Unlike prior releases, the 11.1.0 release does not include the standard “free to use” applications:

The same applications will be absent from subsequent 11.x.y releases as well.

However, the current, and any future, premium Total Recall VR PC applications will support systems with the 11.x.y releases in addition to the 10.x.y and 9.x.y releases that they currently support. For details on the premium Total Recall VR PC applications see the Applications page.