Executive Communications Systems continue with Total Recall VR systems

<p>Executive Communication Systems, a specialist in professional call recording and dictation systems, will continue to resell Total Recall VR systems.</p><p><!--break--></p><p>Based in Ventura, California, with successful installations worldwide, Executive Communication Systems has signed with Prolancer to continue reselling Total Recall VR to local and international clients.

Jolly Good... Voice Recorders Ltd to Continue TRVR Distribution in the UK

<p>Longstanding Total Recall VR resellers, Voice Recorders Ltd, have signed with Prolancer to continue distributing our call recording products in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.</p><p><!--break--></p><p>Voice Recorders UK have a huge amount of experience in voice logging solutions, especially in applications involving rail and other critical utilities.

USB Archiving Now Available on TR MAX

<p>Prolancer Pty Ltd, the developer and manufacturer of Total Recall VR, is committed to the continual development and improvement of all Total Recall VR products.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce the release of Total Recall VR software version 9.8.0. From today, all Total Recall VR MAX systems can now support archiving to <strong>USB storage devices</strong>. This is a feature that has often been requested by clients in the past, so we’re excited to be able to offer this on all new Total Recall VR MAX systems!