Total Recall VR: Statement on Use of Recordings for Legal Proceedings

Prolancer confirms that the TRC audio file format that is used to store audio and meta data for recordings on Total Recall VR recorders is suitable for use as evidence during legal proceedings. TRC audio files are a tamper proof file format and tools are available to detect and prove without any doubt that tampering with the information stored in the file has or has not occurred.

Critical Considerations When Selecting a Voice Logging Recorder Solution

Critical communications are rapidly evolving and increasingly interconnected. The voice logging recorder (VLR) is a central component in any critical communications environment, interfacing with myriad telephony, radio, console, intercom, public address and other sources of audio. The keyword to consider when selecting a VLR is flexibility: in the diversity of potential recording inputs, the tailored capabilities of the control & management software, the available platforms for the recorder and, of course, in the after-sales service and support.