Total Recall VR 11.3.0 Released, adding support for Cisco BiB, EUROCAE ED-137 and More!

We are thrilled to announce that Total Recal VR 11.3.0 is now available! Incorporating technology from our forthcoming GenV (5th generation) systems, our latest major upgrade adds significant new integrations:

  • Full support for Cisco BiB recording
  • RTSP recording Media Server, enabling EUROCAE ED-137 support
  • Streamlined SIP recording Media Server
  • Streamlined RTP recording Media Server
  • Active recording of RTP streams from Omnitronics RoIP devices including IPRs and DRGs

Omnitronics DRG200i

This step-by-step guide explains, via examples, how to record communication with a Total Recall VR recorder between radios, telephones and console operators that are part of radio networks which use the IPR400 and DRG200i products from the Omnitronics Radio over IP series of products.

The examples are also applicable to deployments which use the IPR100, IPR100+ and DRG100 products.

Get the full story: Omnitronics DRG200i Step-by-Step Guide