11.12.0 Firmware and 19.0.0 PC applications go GA!

We are delighted to announce the general availability of a the 11.12.0 firmware and the 19.0.0 PC applications for Total Recall VR recorders. Both consolidate a number of patches that we released over the last 12 months inlcuding patches for the infamous Log4J CVEs.

Thanks to the continued work on our Infinity technology we are able to introduce the following new features in this release:

  • The SIP media server now uses the Name parameter in the Zetron metadata as identifier for the source/destination of the call if the Source/Destination parameters are not present.

In addition, the following technologies were updated:

  • Time zone data 2022a.
  • The LinX Essence is now based on the Aaeon EPC-BYT2 embedded box platform.
  • Analogue DSP cards use the OKI MSM7533V/H codec chip in addition to the Nuvoton W68251.
  • All PC applications now use the Visual C++ 2019 runtime libraries.
  • OpenJPA now uses DBCP.

Finally, the following defects were removed:

  • SIP calls that use 183 messages without an SDP are now correctly recorded.
  • SIP fork calls that use the same call ID for all forked calls are now correctly recorded.
  • SIP calls that use mismatching ptime in the SDP and sample counts in the RTP packets are no longer rejected as possible malicious calls and are now recorded.
  • All PC applications now support directory names that use one or more dots.
  • The Archiver now uses the latest MP3 codec. In addition, the Save As and Download actions can be configured to use the same directory.
  • Multiple Log4j CVEs were removed.