11.9.0 Firmware and 16.0.0 PC applications go GA!

We are delighted to announce the general availability of a the latest release 11.9.0 firmware and 16.0.0 PC applications for Total Recall VR recorders which include support for the latest Tait VRP specification (April 2019) an improved Virtualis for VMware.

Thanks to the continued work on our generation 5 technology we are able to introduce the following new features in this release:

  • The Tait VRP media server now conforms to the latest (issue 1, April 2019) VRP specification. The major change was the introduction of support for the following numbering schemes: Raw, ANN and DMR standard. Note that we standardized the display of addresses on the interface and as a result you may need to revisit the Signaling Mapping configuration after upgrading. For example MPT 1327 numbers were shown as ppp-iiii before this release. This release uses the format pppiiii (note the missing ‘-‘). Similarly, MPT 1343 addresses were shown as ppp-FFF-uuu or ppp-FFFF-ggg. The new format is pppFFFFuuu or pppFFFFggg (again note the missing ‘-‘s). Finally, to distinguish between the raw and the other types of addresses, raw addresses are shown as an 8 digit hexadecimal number, for example 0x004002. This is also the default value shown on user interfaces if an address could not be converted to one of the other formats.
  • Open VM tools are now installed on the Virtualis image for VMware. It is now possible to shut down and restart the Virtualis VM from the host’s control panel.

In addition to the new features, the following technologies were updated:

  • OpenJPA 3.1.0
  • Apache CXF 3.3.2
  • Log4J 2
  • Time zone data 2019b

Finally, the following defects were removed:

  • SIP re-INVITEs with malformed SDP content are no longer ignored.
  • Error processing SIP invites with SDP streams that specify the “a=inactive” parameter.
  • SDP session names, if specified, are now added to the notes of the meta data which enables searching on SDP session names.
  • Out of memory condition when rebuilding the database multiple (2+) times in a row.
  • Out of memory condition when accessing mega archives with 2+ million records.
  • The audit repository now starts correctly when VLANs are in use.