Reminder: EoS for recorders with the 9.x.y release

A reminder that the end of support (EoS) date for Total Recall VR recorders that use the Max technology is 1st of December 2018. We announced this date on the 4th of March 2016 when we published the 9.20.0 software update which is also the last software update for systems that are based on the Max technology.

However and in keeping with tradition, we will provide unofficial support on best effort basis as long as spare parts are available past the official EoS date. At the time of writing we have all parts in stock (available as spares) except for the TTL LCD screen.

If you wish to receive a quote for a replacement recorder that is based on the latest (LinX II) technology, then please contact one of our resellers or write to us directly. If you provide us with the serial number of the existing recorder, then we can offer you a direct replacement that is based on the latest technology.

We wish to thank you for your continued support and for choosing Total Recall VR.