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Version 11.5.0 - Release date 25th of March 2018

The 11.5.0 release is major release of the Total Recall VR LinX II technology.

This release adds additional generation 5 technology to our current products. In particular:

  • Searchable audit event log
  • REST based API for accessing audit events

 Additional information for each of the new features follows.

Searchable audit event log

As of this release, Total Recall VR stores audit events (who did what and when) in a database in addition to its text based logs. As a result, it is possible to use Total Recall VR PC applications to search for events and generate reports that contain user defined collection of events.

The Total Recall VR Manager and Total Recall VR Desktop PC applications were enhanced to provide access to the events logs on recorders and export events in CSV, XML and PDF (signed and unsigned) format. The signed PDF reports are tamper proof by definition and can be used as evidence during legal proceedings.

REST based API for accessing audit event

This release activates a REST based API for accessing audit events. Traditionally, Total Recall VR APIs are Java RMI based APIs. However our generation 5 technology will prefer REST based APIs and the release of the Audit REST API is a preview of the direction we are taking with the APIs.

In addition to the new features, the following technologies were upgraded:

  • Time zone data 2018c
  • License4J 4.7.0

Finally, the following defects were removed:

  • Exchange announcements for ISDN calls that do not complete are now recorded on ISDN channels. For example, when a user calls a disconnected number the exchange will announce “The number you have called is disconnected …”, Such announcements were not recorded prior to this release because the call did not complete. However, as of this release a recording of the announcement will be created by default unless recording policies prevent it.
  • Overlap dialing digits are now correctly detected in all possible ISDN scenarios where such digits can occur. Prior to this release overlap digits were correctly detected only in ISDN scenarios that comply with the Q.931 specification.
  • It is now possible to use Digium TE210 ISDN cards with Total Recall VR.
  • A defect that caused the embedded UI to get stuck on random occasions on the “Building disk information…” dialog while querying the state of the system hard disks was removed.
  • User passwords are no longer logged in the text logs. We accept the feedback that this makes diagnosing problems with network share access and other resources that require user passwords more difficult; however, the security improvement benefits justify the removal of the passwords from all logs.
  • PC applications that include the Query Builder now detect queries that contain an empty criteria groups and disallow use of such queries until the empty groups is removed or at least one criterion is added to the empty group.