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I forgot the Administrator password on my TRVR system: how can I regain access?

If you have forgotten the administrator password for your TRVR system, follow this procedure:

  1. Press any key on the keypad. This will turn the LCD backlight on, if it is off, and display the Enter Password dialog. Press the [^] key. This will display the Forgotten Password dialog.
  2. This dialog displays a 6 character password recovery code. Note the 6 character code down and e-mail it to us along with the serial number of the unit.
    LEAVE THE DIALOG ON THE SCREEN until you receive a Password from us. The 6 character code is unique every time you display the dialog while the Password that we will send you is only valid for the code that you send us.
  3. When you receive a Password from us simply start entering it. Do this even if the LCD display is off. The first key that you press will activate the LCD backlight.
  4. When done entering the Password select OK to start a user session.
  5. IMMEDIATELY go to the Options Menu Screen and change the administrator, and if required user, password.