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New Generation Total Recall VR (LinX II) Released!

We are thrilled to launch the latest generation of Total Recall VR OS and software, v11.1.0 (LinX II)!

LinX II features the very latest Total Recall VR software and CentOS Linux operating system, and will provide support for major new integrations and features in future releases.

While 11.1.0 is an introductory release that does not add any new features, the biggest change introduced with this generation of software is that we have retired the Remote Manager PC software. The core of this PC software dates back to the first Linux-based Total Recall VR release from 2004, and is incapable of supporting the latest features that customers regularly ask for, including multi-channel monitoring & replay, as well as event reconstruction. Instead, we now offer 3 licenses for PC Applications of the client's choosing at no extra cost with every Total Recall VR system.

We plan on shipping v11 with all new Total Recall VR systems from today, although v10 remains available and fully supported for any clients who wish to utilise Remote Manager software (or add to installations that utilise this PC software).

You can read the release notes here, or jump straight in and download the upgrade files from the LinX II downloads section of our website.

We have also taken the chance to update our Advanced PC Applications. If you have a licence key for any of our advanced apps you can upgrade to the latest version at no extra charge.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us directly.

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