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Version 9.18.0 - Release date 23rd July 2015

The 9.18.0 release is a minor release of the Total Recall VR software.

The 9.18.0 release adds improvements to the Remote Manager Interface (RMI) and resolves a number of defects that were discovered during the life-time of the previous release.

In summary, the release 9.18.0 delivers the following:

  1. The RMI interface was improved:
    1. A generic streaming protocol is now used for real time monitoring of recordings in progress and playing of completed recordings. Unlike prior versions of the streaming protocol which were based on Java objects, the new streaming protocol is based on simple byte packet message structures. As a result clients can either use the RMI API for media streaming or implement own streaming client based on simple UDP sockets.
    2. It is now possible to tag and lock multiple recordings in progress over RMI.
    3. It is now possible to annotate multiple recordings in progress over RMI.
  2. Support for DVD+R and DVD-R disc types when archiving.
  3. The following defects were removed:
    1. Remote Manager is now able to export recordings which use the following characters in the number or extension values: \\/:*?”<>|
    2. It is no longer necessary to click multiple times on a recording in the results table on the Player tab of Remote Manager in order to initiate play.
    3. A defect that was causing archiving to disc to fail when using almost full discs, and in some cases blank (virgin) discs, was removed. Customers that are experiencing problems with archiving to disc should upgrade to this release.