Skysoft-ATM SKYREC 360º using Total Recall VR

Skysoft-ATM, a leading developer of Air Traffic Management solutions, has announced the launch of SKYREC 360º. This unique solution, fully compatible with Total Recall VR audio recording systems, captures the dynamic content of remote towers and 3D simulators video wall displays in high resolution, with high performance.

Remote towers are providing a flexible and scalable solution to provide lower cost tower ATC services. A special recording solution is essential to capture the high definition and dynamic video and audio content on remote tower, video walls, operator positions and/or 3D tower simulators. SKYREC 360º is designed to meet these requirements, working seamlessly with Total Recall VR systems to securely record the audio communication components.

For further information regarding SKYREC 360º please contact Skysoft-ATM

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