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Version 9.15.0 - Release date 7th July 2014

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Version 9.15.0 - Release date 7th July 2014

The 9.15.0 release is a minor release of the Total Recall VR software.

The 9.15.0 release adds improvements to the Remote Manager Interface that enable the implementation of new generation client applications such as the new Total Recall VR Browser.

In addition, the 9.15.0 release resolves a number of defects that were discovered during the life-time of the previous release.

In summary, the release 9.15.0 delivers the following:

  1. Improvements of the Remote Manager Interface that enables updates of recording metadata updates to propagate to TRC file headers irrespective of where the file resides
  2. Locked recordings are not removed after archiving even when the user selects to remove archived recordings.
  3. The time zone data files were updated to version 2014d.
  4. The following defects were removed:
    1. Multiple instances of Remote Manager are no longer launched when double-clicking on a TRC file.
    2. It is no longer necessary to select the play button twice in Remote Manager to start paying recordings that reside on Total Recall VR systems.
    3. Remote Manager no longer the only application that registers itself as the application to play TRC files. In fact the Total Recall Audio Player is now the preferred application to open TRC files if installed on the system.

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