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Security Notice: Prolancer impersonated in high-risk hoax messages

Total Recall VR resellers have been targeted on at least one occasion by highly convincing fake emails asking to pay Prolancer invoices to fraudulent bank accounts. The e-mail may contain scanned and modified copies of Prolancer’s Total Recall VR proforma invoices that show fraudulent bank account details for payments.

PLEASE, DO NOT transfer funds to a bank other than the ANZ Bank in Australia when paying our invoices. Always feel free to double-check the account details with us BEFORE making a transfer.

See you at the Security Expo 2017 in Sydney!

Total Recall VR is inviting you to our home town, Sydney Australia, and the brand new Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. We will be at stand A34 during the ASIAL’s Security Exhibition from the 26th to the 28th of July.

Thank you for a great 2016 from the Total Recall VR team

As 2016 is nearing its end, I wish to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ on behalf of the Total Recall VR team, the wider Prolancer team and myself for your continued support and confidence in us and the Total Recall VR products and applications during 2016.

Partnering with SkySoft-ATM

We are delighted to announce that Total Recall VR is partnering with SkySoft-ATM to deliver audio and screen recording solutions to Air-Traffic Control and Public Safety clients world-wide.

CallMiner Eureka Integration

This guide explains, via examples, how to record various forms of audio communication with a Total Recall VR recorder and subsequently export the recordings to the CallMiner Eureka platform and applications for the purpose of speech analytics.

The integration of Total Recall VR and Call Miner Eureka has obvious applications for call centre users, who are the largest users of voice analytics software. However this integration also extends the benefits of speech analytics beyond the realm of call centres:

  • Intelligence gathering from interviews and visits recordings in correctional facilities.
  • Stress level analysis of emergency responders during incidents.
  • Spoken word searching, word trending and word pattern identification for public security organisations.
  • Transcripts of witness statements during court proceedings.
  • Establishing political correctness of public announcements.
  • Analyse, measure, direct and focus sales and marketing effectiveness based on audio feedback from clients and partners.
  • Diagnose operational issues from analysis of internal (2-way radio, intercom, telephone …) voice communications.
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities from analysis of telephone communications.
  • Flag important/high risk communication based on audio conversation content.
  • Eliminate inefficient manual call monitoring processes.

Get the full story: CallMiner Eureka Integration Step-by-Step Guide

Analog Two Way Radio

This guide explains, via examples, how to record conversations over analogue 2-way radios with Total Recall VR.

It is undeniable that digital 2-way radios are becoming more common every day. Total Recall VR offers a number of different mechanisms to record communications over digital radios.

However, analogue 2-way radios continue to offer a simple, reliable and affordable option in may recreational, emergency and business cases.

This guide explains how to record analogue radio communication with a Total Recall VR. We use 2-way radios in the examples, however the examples described here are applicable to recording any wireless analogue audio communication including wireless microphones and broadcast radio signals.

Get the full story: Analog Two Way Radio Step-by-Step Guide

See you at the Security Expo 2016 in Melbourne!

We will be exhibiting the latest Total Recall VR critical call recording and audio logging products and applications at Security Exibition & Conference 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.


This guide explains, via examples, how to record microphones with Total Recall VR.

Microphones are used in myriad of situations ranging from interview/meeting rooms to court rooms and even public spaces. In many such situations a Total Recall VR is used to record other types of communications. This guide explains how to record the microphones in addition to the other types of communication with a Total Recall VR.

Get the full story: Microphones Step-by-Step Guide

Multicast Audio

This guide explains, via examples, how to record communication with a Total Recall VR recorder between endpoints on an IP network where the endpoints communicate by multicasting audio packets on the network.

The examples are also applicable to IP networks where endpoints communicate by broadcasting audio packets on the network.

Get the full story: Multicast Audio Step-by-Step Guide

Omnitronics IPR400

This step-by-step guide explains, via examples, how to record communication with a Total Recall VR recorder between radios, telephones and console operators that are part of radio networks which use the IPR400 product from the Omnitronics Radio over IP series of products.

The examples are also applicable to deployments which use the IPR100 and IPR100+ products.

Get the full story: Omnitronics IPR400 Step-by-Step Guide


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