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Total Recall VR LinX Custom

Total Recall VR LinX Custom

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Would you like a Total Recall VR that runs on a hardware platform of your choice?

Now you can design your own Total Recall VR. Give us the hardware specification and we will build a Total Recall VR based on it and our latest LinX technology. You can supply the hardware to us, or we can source it for you.

Or, simply select one of the custom hardware platforms that others have already built. Total Recall VR custom is available now a range of custom hardware platforms including Dell R430 servers.

Total Recall VR R430

Total Recall VR LinX R210 II

Powered by LinX

Built on the popular Dell PowerEdge R430 server platform, this model is suitable for VoIP, RoIP, and AoIP audio logging and call recording applications.

The Dell PowerEdge R430 is an ultra-compact, rack-mount server that is ideal for space constrained applications. When combined with Total Recall VR LinX technology, this model is capable of recording up to 900,000 hours of:

  • SIP sessions (calls) via SPAN port.
  • SIP sessions (calls) via UDP port.
  • H.323 calls via SPAN port.
  • Unicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Multicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • RTP streams via UDP port.
  • DMR recording via Tait VRP.
  • DMR recording via Hytera HDAP.

The maximum recording channel capacity of this model is:

  • 120 IP recording channels.

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